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It's been an unprecedented year of both sales and price growth. Buyers are once again focusing on Greater Toronto real estate versus smaller metros in Ontario. Prices are still going up (it's the sound of a broken record), with a renewed focus on snapping up condos. Inventory for all types are at lowest-recorded levels and escalating prices are turning the heads of policy makers. Even with lower interest rates, first-time buyers, or those wishing to upsize, face challenges within Toronto's overheated markets, with many hoping that these issues will be tackled in the New Year.

Despite the currently tight situation in Toronto’s housing market, there are still home-buying opportunities out there. We can help you be ready for your investment — with great advice offered by our highly-trained Mortgage Brokers, and your lowest possible mortgage rates in Toronto.

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Mortgage Squad can offer you lower mortgage rates in the Toronto area. We have strong, established relationships with many lenders, and thanks to our volume discount, we can often offer you lower rates from your own bank. In fact, we can deal with them for you and find the best mortgage solution for your needs, potentially saving you even more later on when it's time to renew or make a change. Plus, we check with other banks to make sure you have the best rate-offer possible, guaranteed.

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Toronto mortgage rates can change quickly, and depending on the lender, we can hold your rates for up to 4 months. Whether a home, income property or a vacation investment, our mortgage brokers are here to provide your best mortgage experience, in your preferred language. Visit us, call or apply online today.

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