BMO’s Exciting Return to the Mortgage Broker Channel: A Game-Changer for Brokers and Clients

In exciting news for the Canadian mortgage industry, BMO is set to re-enter the mortgage broker channel with the launch of BMO BrokerEdgeTM in early 2024. This strategic move comes after a hiatus of over a decade, and it aims to revolutionize the broker market by providing unparalleled value and a seamless experience to brokers and clients alike. Let’s delve into the details of this significant development and its potential impact on the mortgage landscape.

Mortgage Broker Channel

BMO’s Re-Entry into the Mortgage Broker Channel

After a 17-year absence, BMO is making a bold return to the mortgage broker channel with the introduction of BMO BrokerEdgeTM. This move comes as a result of evolving their approach and taking into account industry feedback. BMO aims to address pain points for both brokers and clients, ensuring a more efficient and rewarding mortgage origination process.

A Leader for the Channel

Heading this new distribution channel is Justin Scully, a seasoned banking professional with 15 years of experience. With his expertise, BMO is set to bring fresh ideas and innovation to the mortgage broker landscape, fostering lasting partnerships and high-quality deals.

Gradual Expansion Nationwide

Starting in Ontario and Atlantic Canada in early 2024, BMO will gradually expand its mortgage origination services nationwide by late 2025. This expansion is a testament to BMO’s commitment to reaching its clients wherever they are and catering to their diverse mortgage needs.

Strategic Partnership with First National

To bolster their mortgage offerings, BMO has partnered with First National for underwriting and funding services. Initially, BMO will offer a standard product line, which will be expanded over time. This collaboration aims to strengthen BMO’s position in the market and enhance their capacity to serve a broader range of clients effectively.

Providing Value and Building Deeper Relationships

BMO’s primary objective is to provide exceptional value to both brokers and clients. Understanding the significance of brokers in the mortgage market, with over 40% of Canadians relying on them for their mortgage needs, BMO is determined to support the broader financial goals of clients and offer competitive products.

Beyond Mortgages with Welcome Advisors

With the aid of Welcome Advisors, BMO has ambitious plans to build deeper relationships with its customers. Going beyond traditional mortgages, they intend to assist clients in achieving their broader financial objectives, positioning themselves as a comprehensive financial partner.

The Impact on the Mortgage Industry

BMO’s return to the mortgage broker channel is a game-changer for the industry. Brokers will benefit from a streamlined origination process, real-time pricing responses, and the opportunity to work with a trusted and renowned financial institution. Clients, on the other hand, will have access to a wide array of competitive mortgage products and the expertise of knowledgeable brokers.


BMO’s decision to re-enter the mortgage broker channel under BMO BrokerEdgeTM is undoubtedly a significant development in the Canadian mortgage landscape. With a focus on providing value, building lasting partnerships, and expanding their product offerings, BMO aims to become a dominant force in the market. Brokers and clients can look forward to a seamless and rewarding mortgage experience, and the entire industry will witness positive transformations in the way mortgages are originated and serviced. The return of BMO to the mortgage broker channel is a testament to the resilience and dynamism of the Canadian mortgage market.


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